Why can’t we communicate with our favorite audio creators on existing audio streaming platforms? How come they are telling us to send them questions through third-party applications, such as Twitter? These were the questions that captured our attention and got us to look closer at the social audio market. And as it turned out, there was no good alternative that bridges the communication gap between audio creators and their listeners, so we immediately took action and founded Yibber. 

Simple as it may sound, the first thing we did after founding Yibber was to go out in the world to talk to people. Everything from podcasters, musicians, social media creators, and consumers, to be frank. Although we had our suspicions, we wanted to confirm their needs and the type of problems they were facing on existing audio and social media platforms. Problems that we desperately wanted to solve. Three problems, in particular, were mentioned over and over again:

1. Existing audio platforms limits social interaction between creators and listeners;

2. Creating, editing, and distributing audio content is time-consuming and complex;

3. There is too much focus on physical attributes on existing social media platforms.

So there we had it, most people were asking for a social, simple-to-use, and personality-oriented audio app, so that is what we set out to build. After designing countless prototypes, setting a straight path with smart goals, creating a pitch deck, and writing a business plan, we were finally ready to get the ball rolling. We were finally ready to raise pre-seed funding and build Yibber. 

Luckily for us, raising pre-seed funding was a walk in the park. Through our personal networks, we immediately found several angel investors that bought into our vision that social audio is the future of social media. Step one, check. Now on to step two. Unlike raising pre-seed funding, building Yibber has been a time-consuming journey. As a team of perfectionists, we knew from the very start that we did not want to build yet another MVP of a social media platform. We wanted to be in detail, and build something that could compete with the existing alternatives on the market right off the bat. So, we worked restlessly for months at a time to build what we thought was the “perfect social audio platform,” and in July it was ready. But hey, speaking like a true first-time entrepreneur, you are never completely right the first time. 

Although our beta period was fairly successful with high engagement, high retention, and over 2,000 active users, such as the professional tennis player, Casper Ruud, and the international music artist, Redfoo, our data indicated that we should make some alterations before taking on the market. At the time, we had two content streams on the app: (1) our built-in recording tool and (2) imported RSS feeds. Some people may think, “What’s the problem? Two content streams are better than one.” And that is a fair thought, but when one of the content streams, in this case, the RSS feeds, is cannibalizing on the other, two is not better than one. On top of that, our data also indicated that posts below three minutes in length had significantly more engagement than posts above three minutes in length. Once again, there we had it, most people do not want to listen to lengthy and professional audio content on a social audio app, they wanted genuine, user-generated, short-form content, or so-called micro-podcasts. So, we immediately set out to make the needed alterations, and that brings us to today.

In about one month from now, we will publicly release Yibber 2.0. An app that we are extremely proud of and that fills a clear gap in the market by combining audio streaming with social media. Our objective is as clear. We aim to become what Instagram is for images, what TikTok is for videos, and what Twitter is for text, for audio. In essence, your go-to destination for consuming audio. If you are interested to become a beta tester for Yibber 2.0., reach out to us at info@yibberapp.com, and we will put your name on the waitlist. In the meantime, we will continue working around the clock to deliver all of you the best experience in December. Thank you! 🙏

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